Barbante XL 300g

Barbante XL 300g


Barbante XL is a chunky but light yarn made with recycled cotton sourced from the textile industry remnants, making it environmentally friendly!


It’s thickness is ideal to use as a macrame cord, but can also be used for crochet, knitting, weaving and any kind of DIY projects.

Make something unique for yourself and your home like macrame hanging planters or plant hangers, macrame feathers, wall hangings, flower pots, curtains, bags, pillows, baskets, rugs, carpets, table mats and other home décor accessories.


Thickness: 3mm (approx.)
Length: 120m (min.)
Weight: 300g

Stretch: No
Crochet: 6-8mm

80% recycled cotton
20% recycled fibers