Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Tinja Laaksoo is a 24-year old university student who is studying to become a geography, biology, and health education teacher. Besides macrame her other favorite pastime is dancing. When she is not dancing, pretty much all her spare time is spent on all kinds of macrame projects.

How and when did you come across macrame for the first time?

I came across macrame about a year ago. I remember admiring the work of other artists and thought that it would be fun to learn how to make macrame. In the beginning of 2020, I got some macrame yarn and a macrame book from my mom as a birthday present. After the first attempt with macrame I was hooked and almost year later I still am!

Are you also creating in any other art and craft techniques?

I have knitted and crocheted since I was 7 years old and sometimes I still love to make a pair of wool socks or mittens, but macrame is definitely my favorite.

Do you have any role models from the fields of macrame, textile art and crafts? I have many role models, some of them are Finnish and some of them from across the world. Social media is a great place to find many talented artists in different fields of art and crafts.

What are your favourite macrame materials? I’m a big fan of Suomen Lankas Moppari, you can do pretty much anything with it and the colors are amazing. I also love to work with Bobbiny and Lankava yarns.

What are your favourite projects and what are you creating at the moment? I love all kinds of projects, it is best when you get to do a lot of different kinds of projects. Making a macrame remains really meaningful when you get to do a lot of different projects. At the moment, I’m making a large white wall-hanging, several earrings, Christmas decorations and one shelf. Pretty much I always have several works which I’m working on.

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