Satu Nyqvist is a singer, theater lover and an entrepreneur. She is studying to be a pop/jazz singing teacher in Jyväskylä, Finland. Her family of five includes her husband, six years old twins and a cat called Sulo.

How and when did you come across macrame for the first time?

I started knotting two years ago at winter holiday. I just wanted to try something relaxing, so I bought rope and watched some Youtube -tutorials to get started. Within two days I created my first wallhanging and got hooked right away! I posted a pic of my first piece and received a lots of requests of custom orders. After a short time I was knotting as an entrepreneur and also having macrame workshops.

What does macrame mean to you?

Macrame for me is, like any other art, exploring, learning new, playing and creating beauty. It is also a great way to calm yourself, gather thoughts and feel joy of creativity.

Are you also creating in any other art and craft techniques?

My first profession was to become a dressmaker and a theater costume designer, so sewing has always been very close to me. I`ve also done some crochetting, knitting, painting and bead jewellery work, but yarn is my number one love right now.

What is your creative process like and what inspires you the most?

Materials and shapes inspire me the most and I actually very rarely plan my work. I may have some ideas ready in my head or a vision of the result, but I love to let the process take the lead and just jump into the flow. I also get a lot of inspiration from vintage photos and movies.

What are your favourite macrame materials?

My favourite materials change over time, but one of them is definitely Moppari twisted mop yarn, in natural white.

What are your favourite projects and what are you creating at the moment?

Big projects like wallhangings are the most satisfying, but I also love to create tiny details like in my micromacrame earrings. Right now I`m designing a large wallhanging for customer`s bedroom.

Do you have any message for other creators and for the ones who are thinking to try macrame for the first time?

I`d like to encourage everyone to find their own way to express creativity! Macrame is a wonderful technique because of it`s simplicity and yet versatility. You don`t need much to start but you can make so much of it!

Would you like to add something?

I`d also want to encourage every creator to boldly explore and find their own style. That`s how you create something unique to this World that no one else could. Love what you do and have fun.

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