MEET THE MAKER: Sarianna Kuula (Tinypiney By SariannaK)

Sarianna is a 28-year-old handicraft maker from Lempäälä, Finland. She started her own side business Tinypiney By SariannaK about two years ago.

How and when did you come across macrame for the first time?

The first time I encountered macrame was just over three years ago via Facebook group focused on interior design. I started to watch Youtube videos about basic knots and finally had the courage to try knotting myself. And that was it for me – I was hooked!

What does macrame mean to you?

Making macrame has the same impact on my mind as yoga has. It eases stress and takes my mind off distracting or negative thoughts and it is also a good way to process difficult things at the same time. I wish it could do the same for my body but unfortunately I find it quite difficult to find ergonomic positions while knotting. :D

The best moments are the reactions I get from customers when I have succeeded in creating a piece they had hoped for.

Are you also creating in any other art and craft techniques?

I have always been into crocheting which I still do from time to time. I am also in the process of learning weaving on a loom. It is fun to mix macrame techniques into weaving projects. When I was younger I also liked knitting but I haven’t done it for a long long time - it is one of my missions to learn how to make different patterns etc.

I bought my very first sewing machine this week - I have big plans but we will see what happens!

What is your creative process like and what inspires you the most?

I really spend a lot of time on planning. When I am creating a new piece, I start from finding and moulding the perfect driftwood. While knotting, I stop from time to time and just stare at the piece for a while. Although I have a plan for the finished piece, it is only in my mind - I usually go with the flow and make changes while I work. I never draw my plans on paper – I feel that it might tie my hands and flow while creating the piece.

I find inspiration from beautiful things, nature and from other makers’ creations.

What are your favourite macrame materials?

I love Lankava’s yarns – especially Chunkymop because it gives lots of possibilities to create. Paulina is also a nice thick cord that gives a nice finished look on pieces. I have also used Bobbiny’s yarns and Suomen Lanka’s Moppilanka cord.

Do you have any role models from the fields of macrame, textile arts and crafts?

I follow many talented and inspiring makers from all around the world. I feel that the macrame makers community is quite open and supportive towards each other, no matter where you come from.

What are your favourite projects and what are you creating at the moment?

Wall hangings are my favourite pieces to make, the bigger the better! At the moment I am creating my first macrame clutch for a bride to be and I feel so honoured that I can be part of her big day although we don’t even know each other! I also have some custom wall hanging orders and two crochet carpets on my to do list. Christmas is definitely coming!

Do you have any message for other creators and for the ones who are thinking to try macrame for the first time?

To other makers – keep on doing what you are doing! And for those who would like to try - challenge yourself and just try! Internet is full of helpful videos, articles and DIY packages that includes materials and instructions for the piece.

Follow Sarianna:

Instagram: @tinypineyarts

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