Lotta Väänänen is a 32-year old macrame maker from Tampere, Finland. She works as a barista and as a sales person. Whenever she is not working, she is spending time at home with her dog, making knots! She also loves to cook and bake, listen to podcasts and go to sauna by the lake.

How and when did you come across macrame for the first time?

I saw macrame on instagram for the first time in January 2019. I just had to try it myself. I watched some youtube videos, learned some basic knots and two weeks later I had made my first wall hanging. It was love at first sight! Since then, I've made something using the technique almost every day.

What does macrame mean to you? 

To me macrame is almost like some kind of therapy and a way to relax and forget everything else. It is a way to express myself creatively, a dear hobby and nowadays also a small business besides my full-time job.

Are you also creating in any other art and craft techniques?

I have always knitted a lot: socks, mittens, beanies, scarfs... I love that technique too, but I don't knit that much anymore. I especially love making wool socks with different designs and patterns. You can see some socks on my instagram page too!

What are your favourite macrame materials?

My favourite yarns are Lankava's Paulina and Matilda, and also Moppari from Suomen lanka. For jewellery I use Sofia Knotter yarns and supplies. Aino from Sofia Knotter is by the way one of my idols, her yarns are made in Finland from the residues of textile industry. Women with small businesses should definitely support each other, right?

What are your favourite projects and what are you creating at the moment?

Big bohemian wall hangings are definitely my favourite projects and most inspiring for me. But I also like making functional things with macrame, like plant hangers, coasters, table cloths, rugs... and earrings of course. At the moment I'm creating different gifts for the christmas season.  The variability is endless with macrame, and that's awesome!

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